1. jsciiijd's Avatar
    I posted this question at the end of a thread about those fake antenna boosters and nobody answered, so I though I'd give it it's own thread:

    Let me ask a basic question that we need to answer before designing an antenna booster- How many antennas does a Blackberry have?

    I guess it's one for phone service, one for GPS, one for WiFi (if installed) and one for BlueTooth? Are there separate antennas for Edge and 3G?

    Next, if we are going to "boost" the antennas, it would be good to know where in the phone they are located and how they are oriented. Anybody know? (Certainly, we want the signal provided by the booster to be as close as possible to the location and orientation of the internal antenna.)

    03-23-10 12:31 PM
  2. heyitsbailey's Avatar
    um not too sure. i just assumed that all that stuff is ran off 1 antenna. but i could (and mostly like) be wrong.
    03-23-10 01:29 PM