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    In case you don't wanna go to the site here's the article:

    Rim just announced today their next generation of BlackBerrys and after a brief moment of glory (and 5percent rise in the stock market) the media is back to the doom and gloom. Typical ! Personally I love BlackBerrys if you didn't already know. These improved headset are just the beginning. RIM is now being smarter. They seem like they now have a plan, some direction. So let's start with why these BlackBerrys are awesome.
    First of all the Bold Touch, Torch and full touch Torch all feature the same processor a 1.2 ghz Snapdragon. That's more than DOUBLE the current gens processing power. Meaning things like random freeze ups and that annoying hourglass will be extremely minimal if at all. The OS upgrade to OS7 means smoove like butta "liquid graphics". OS 7 is also sporting some more ethically pleasing icons. There's BlackBerry Messanger 6. Bringing communication with connected apps. Making everyones favorite messaging service even better. NFC. Near field communication is a technology that will bring not only mobile payments, but what I believe will be easy tap and go pairing with accessories. Now I want to stop and talk about the whole NFC thing for a minute. This is the first time that RIM is leading the way by embracing this new technology right off the bat. I think that's a huge statement of where RIM's head's at. They're thinking ahead of the compition for once. Finally all the specs are about the same on all the announced phones AND they are all being released around the same time AND its a global launch with over 200 carriers involved. That's the good, so where's all the bad press coming from?

    I read a cnet article today talking about why you shouldn't buy these phones. One of the reasons being still not enough apps. Well Blackberry DOES have some good apps already there out there people I have seen them. Also with the new processing power we will be able to get some good games on there. In fact there's a video circling the net today that showed demo games made up to illustrate some of that power. The game ran beautifully and rendered 3D graphics JUST as good as the current IPhone. Next on the anal-ysts ***** list was "QNX superphones will be coming next year so why bother with these ones." This really pissed me off. If you buy an android phone, a new and better one is out in a few months. andriod has the shortest shelve lifes of any smartphone. If you are an apple enthuseist would you skip buying the IPhone 5 because the IPhone 6 is coming out the next year? No that's crazy talk. And nowadays most gadgets have and annual upgrade cycle, if not earlier. So saying why bother because QNX is coming next year is just weak reasoning. It holds no warrant what so ever. People who buy and use blackberrys love their keyboards, their sleek and stylish form factors, their BlackBerry Messsanger, their email and messaging that can't be beat. Business's love that they're cheap and easy to manage but most of all they love the security. Recently the android market place was attacked by malicious apps. Viruses! Seriously, isn't it bad enough we have to deal with that stuff on our computers and now there's that threat on our phones too. This issue was talked about in the media once or twice and then shrugged off like it was no big deal. Well it is a big deal, its huge! Phones have become everything to us. Personal information, passwords and even financial records and information is stored on or accessed by our phones. A breach of persons phones is now a breach of their privacy and lifes. This type of sercurity breach would never happen on a BlackBerry! Now I'm not writing this to Bash other smartphones, I'm just trying to say that every phone has its pros and cons. (Even the beloved IPhone has its antenna problem) The media, for some reason just likes to emphisize on the bad and undercut the good with RIM and I just can't figure out why.

    It all comes down to the user in the end. What are your needs? What do you want out of your phone? Don't let big media sway your decisions. Try it out for yourself at local carrier. Make your own judgments.

    If your a blackberry fan your going to love these phones. Plain and simple. Its the much anticipated improvements the loyalists deserve, now we got them and I for one am excited. I think you shoud be too.

    -Mr. Info-tainment-

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    08-07-11 08:44 PM
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    Love it.. this guy has BB passion..
    08-07-11 08:53 PM
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    Lol, not the best speller in the world and his math is a little off, but his logic is sound.

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    08-07-11 08:56 PM
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    I know its awesome to see some positive stuff

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    08-07-11 08:56 PM
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    I love the term liquid graphics. Reminds me of retina display.
    08-07-11 09:59 PM
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    My sentiments as well, AnthonyBaker.
    08-07-11 10:30 PM
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    I love the term liquid graphics. Reminds me of retina display.
    Or another dumb phrase _____________ killer. An overused and trite phrase if there ever was one.

    But ya gotta admit there has been a seemingly concentrated assault on anything BlackBerry for the last year. It is nice to see some enthusiam.

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    08-07-11 11:18 PM