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    I was using google sync for my blackberry because my company did not have a BES (I was syncing my outlook on the desktop to my google calendar, then my google calendar to my bberry - it wasn't perfect but I dealt with it). Happily, my company just put in a BES and I was set up on it this caused major issues (meetings were being canceled via my outlook calendar without me actually doing it, etc), so I had to delete all the google syncs and wipe my blackberry to start over.

    My IT group is going to reconfigure my bberry to be connected to the server again, so my work email and calendar will come through no problem.

    My question is - after this is reset, what is the best way to get my personal calendar on my bberry again? Email is easy, but its the calendar I am worried about.

    I would like to have my blackberry show both my outlook appointments (done through work BES) but also show my personal appointments on the google calendar without messing each other up.

    I have thought it through - should I sync my personal calendar to my outlook on the desktop, but then if I add a personal appointment on my handheld, it won't get to the google calendar online. If I sync my outlook calendar to my google calendar, will that affect work appointments? I need help clarifying the best way to do this, or ways that has worked for others.

    Any advice on the best way to do this is greatly appreciated!
    02-25-10 08:55 PM
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    02-25-10 08:58 PM