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    I have several friends who are interested in BB10 and I was trying to describe them the "Flow" concept. It is quite difficult, it is something dynamic that you have to see... and as they say, a picture (in this case a video) is worth it more than a thousand words... I am looking for a videoclip that shows the Flow and the other BB10 features.
    In the last weeks there have been many videos (leaked and official), what is in your opinion the most complete and explicative that I can forward them?

    Let's spread the word... the most incredible mobile computing platform is going to be released soon
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    01-17-13 10:29 AM
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    IMHO, the most comprehensive BB10 video to date has been from BlackBerry Jam Americas in San Jose

    "Flow" is usually described by RIM as how you always move forward instead of back to the home screen or into another app. "Flow" is how BB10 follows your train of thought. Example: From the moment you get a notification, an important email maybe, you can choose to follow through completely - reply, open attachments, view meeting details, view communication history with the contact, basically get all the information you need without leaving the Hub.
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    01-17-13 10:51 AM

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