1. acratus's Avatar
    Hello. I'm Dan. Nice to meet you.

    I am a current Android user who is regretting selling his soul to Google, and I am due for a phone upgrade in a few months. I was considering the Torch, but since this device debuted mid last-year, I was wondering if it would be best to hold off for the new batch of BBOS10 devices to roll out. I am also considering buying a Playbook to work with it in tandem.

    What are your opinions? Should I wait, or should I just go for the Torch?

    (Also, I haven't had much luck researching the subject, but one thing I will sorely miss from my Droid is my Dvorak keyboard layout. If anyone has any clue about writing custom keyboards via OS-level API calls in BBOS, I will gladly write my own...)
    04-24-12 09:54 PM
  2. kassdog's Avatar
    I would just get one. Who knows when the bb10 will come
    04-24-12 10:12 PM
  3. Emu the Foo's Avatar
    I would pretty much agree with kassdog. If you enjoy the BlackBerrys now then why not. Now I say that thinking you want the torch 9810. Is this the one you want or do you want the all touch ones? I ask that because if it is the 9850 or what ever they are I would wait for bb10 for an all touch device.
    04-24-12 10:15 PM
  4. g-thing's Avatar
    I was looking for the same answer but with all the doom and gloom with RIM, will they have a fire sale on their inventory? or will prices be the same with carriers? should I buy one or wait for prices to drop?
    06-28-12 11:25 PM