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    I will be flying to Germany for vacation in a couple weeks. I am deciding which phone to take with me; my Nexus 5 or my Q10. In general, does anyone have experience buying a Sim in Germany (flying into Munich) for while staying there? Also, has anyone taken a BB10 phone to Germany and how was your experience? How about people who may live there? Thanks for any information.

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    04-09-14 05:16 AM
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    I went with my Z10 (stl 1) from dubai to Germany. Walked into a Vodafone Shop there and got a prepaid sim. All super simple and it had quite a lot of talk time and data on it already. The good thing is that almost a year later I popped it in my z30 a while ago to get the os update before it came out in dubai.

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    04-09-14 05:25 AM
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    My dad is on Blau.de when he goes there.

    Just check 'em out and compare.

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    04-09-14 07:08 AM
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    Great information. Thanks!

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    04-09-14 10:43 AM
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    This is what I got when I was there
    Best Sim to purchase for trip to Germany-img_20140410_165719.jpg

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    04-10-14 07:58 AM