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    Hi Guys! I just signed up with Rogers with a blackberry and another phone that came with the shared plan deal and I need some suggestions of modifying the plan to save some $$$$!!! I am thinking of changing the plan to a personal one as my wifey dosen't use the phone at all and just needs the phone for emergency, so I am just thinking of buying her a phone card, but I don't know if that will be worth it.

    I really want free incoming calls!!!!

    So for this is the plan for my blackberry and I am still waiting for the other phone to update onto my account. Thanks so much!!!

    Current price plan for wireless number
    Shared Plan w/Unltd Msgs 1 - $35.00
    Gov't Regulatory Recovery Fee 1 - $2.58
    Gov't Regulatory Recovery Fee 1 - $2.58
    The following is your revised list of Wireless Add-Ons:
    $12 Value Pack 1 - $12.00
    Ringback $1 Pack 1 - $1.00 (This is not on my plane, I just added so I can create a summary page)
    Personal Email on Black to view changes Berry (3 year subscription) 1 - $15.00
    6pm Early Evenings 1 - $7.00 (Discounted to $3.50 or so)

    Installation / Delivery Charges: $0.00
    Subtotal: $75.16
    Only applicable taxes for "Pay Now" and "Pay Monthly" hareware / equipment items are displayed. Applicable taxes for all other charges will appear on your monthly invoice. GST/HST: $0.00
    PST/QST: $0.00
    Total: $75.16

    Here is another view:

    My Plan
    Shared Plan w/Unltd MsgsChange plan
    Plan Change Pending $35.00/monthContract End Date:
    Additional Minute Rate
    Unlimited Eve/Wknd Minutes
    6pm Early Evenings
    200 Shared Weekday Minutes
    Included with My Plan
    Between Us Calling
    Detailed Billing
    Ringback Service
    Windsor/Detroit Rate Following
    Unlimited Shared Messages
    Call Forward/Trans.Pay Per Use
    Additional Charges
    Gov't Regulatory Recovery Fee$2.58/monthCall Forwarding/Transfer$3.00/monthDiscounts
    Better Choice Bundles 15% Disc
    Value Pack 1 Month Credit - to be removed on 30-Oct-2010
    Early Evening Option Cr
    WhoCalled Service
    Call Manager
    Call Forwarding/Transfer
    My Add-onsGet Add-ons
    Add or Modify Add-ons Personal Email on BlackBerry (3 year subscription) $15.00/monthterm expires on 30-Sep-2013$12 Value PackUpdate Voicemail Password $12.00/month6pm Early Evenings $7.00/month
    10-04-10 08:41 AM
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    You could have gone with mobilicity, public mobile or wind mobile if you're in the greater toronto area (GTA). Rogers has expensive data plans much like telus and bell have. Wind's is $35, mobilicity's is $65 and public mobile's like mobilicity.

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    10-04-10 09:04 AM