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    Hello guys, sorry if this isn't in the right forum to ask this.

    My brother is going to Europe later this month for 4-5weeks. We are both Verizon users, but verizon phones don't work in europe unless you have a world phone. My uncle gave us his old AT&T BB7290. Besides going through AT&T for 1 month international plan, does anyone know of any other options that are cheaper? He will mainly be in UK and Germany. No Data needed, just need to make and receive calls the cheapest way possible

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    Pre-paid. Get them at 7/11 or Wal-mart. =/
    11-07-08 05:56 PM
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    He can get the phone unlocked, allowing him to use SIM cards in the UK and Germany (local cards). Then give that number to folks in the states, that need to call him.

    He can rent a cell phone while there and give the number to those that need it.

    And he can get calling cards for making long distant calls back home. Same for the folks back home, use calling cards to call his UK/Germany number at a much lower rate than calling direct.

    These are options I've used when traveling out of the country.

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