1. RutsCameras's Avatar
    What do you think is the best Blackberry for browsing the web? I am leaning towards the Storm as far as I know is the only BBerry that has good browsing. I need a good browser because I launched a new website and I need to be able to reach the admin page to modify it when I am at my full time job and don't want to do it through my work network.

    What do you experts think? Is the curve have good browsing capabilities or does the screen shrink the sites to small to see the entire page?
    05-12-09 10:13 PM
  2. conair007's Avatar
    I have had the storm and the curve. In my opinion the curve is better because its faster and your not always selecting links you didn't mean to. In fact the only thin that I liked more about the storm was that the screen was a tad larger.
    05-12-09 10:32 PM
  3. bparkerson04's Avatar
    I have the 8820, and the new browswer in the 4.5 os update is really nice. Browsing the web on my 8820 with the 4.5 browser is pretty nice. You will probably prefer the trackball to touch screen with web browsing. I had a g1 for a while, and touchscreen browsing could prove difficult with smaller hyperlinks, and text boxes. The G1 did have a trackball though, which saved it on the web browsing side of things. I would say go with the curve, bold, 8900, 8820, or any other berry with a trackball. I haven't heard alot of good about the storms, but I can't really give an opinion because I have never owned one.
    05-12-09 10:40 PM
  4. RutsCameras's Avatar
    Does the complete web page show up on the Curve or is it reduced and confusing when you bring up a page? I assume it is different for different sites but the majority of the sites it is workable?

    Can you check a site for me and let me know how it shows up? I don't want to post the site here as I don't want everybody to think I am advertising so I can PM you it you can check it out for me....
    05-12-09 10:41 PM
  5. bparkerson04's Avatar
    Sure. As long as it's appropriate. Your best bet with mobile web is to visit mobile sites....the iphone and g1 are the only two phones I have seen that can display web pages effectively. You could also try the opera browser. It zooms a web page out, and your cursor is a magnifying box, and you just click on the areas of the web page you want to see, and it zooms in on them. It's pretty effective.
    05-12-09 10:50 PM
  6. RutsCameras's Avatar
    Thanks Bparkerson04....I actually can't send you a PM as I don't have enough posts but I just realized I put the site in my signature so it is there to see it. It is a new site I just launched and it is nothing bad at all. It is a camera and video marketplace so nothing to be concerned about

    Thank you very much, I really appreciate you checking it out for me!!
    05-12-09 10:58 PM
  7. bparkerson04's Avatar
    I gotta say, the whole webpage shows pretty nicely on my 8820. This browser is really nice. I think you'll be okay with any of the trackball berry's. I can see all of the pics and hyperlinks fine. It may make the page longer, but it's really easy to navigate. Your page on my phone almost feels like it's a page made for mobile browsing. I hope this helps you bro.
    05-12-09 11:07 PM
  8. RutsCameras's Avatar
    Thank you very much....Now I have a couple options but with your opinion I am now leaning towards the 8820

    Thanks again!
    05-12-09 11:09 PM
  9. bparkerson04's Avatar
    Lol! It doesn't have the newest OS on it, but I have to admit, I really love mine. I had a curve as well. They are both really nice. I have seen the new style OS on an 8900 a guy here at work has, but I kind of like the older style better that you see on the 8320 curves, the pearls, and the 8800 series (like mine). Good luck with your decision man. Remember this though; you can't go wrong with a blackberry. They are all great phones, and all alot of fun. IMHO though, do not get the storm. I used touch screen on a couple of phones, and I actually prefer just a regualr phone with a qwerty keyboard, and a dpad or trackball. Touch screen can be annoying if you're trying to dial a number while driving (not reccomended, but it happens), and in other cumbersome situations. Touch screen is for some, and not for others. I am not a big fan of it. Good luck once again ruts, and good luck with your small business and site. God bless you friend.
    05-12-09 11:34 PM
  10. bparkerson04's Avatar
    Ruts, one more thing I forgot to mention. If you do go with an 8820, curve, or pearl, make sure to upgrade to the new 4.5 version of the OS if it isn't already installed. The old browser in 4.2 is nothing compared to the new browser in 4.5. God Bless!
    05-13-09 06:17 PM
  11. zerokhmer's Avatar
    I use a 8310 and I use Bolt browser. It loads pages as you see them on a computer and the load times are quite speedy compared to the blackberry browser. But if you are using the regular browser, I find the moble sites work best.

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    05-13-09 07:22 PM
  12. Khalnath's Avatar
    Web browsing is one of the few things where 3G actually makes a difference, so I say the Bold.
    05-13-09 07:30 PM