05-19-11 06:22 PM
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  1. clitrenta's Avatar
    Best: 9700
    Worst: 85xx

    Sentimental Pick: Blackberry Flip 8220 (I loved this phone and it had nice big keys too )

    BlackBerry Flip Phone Pearl Flip 8220 Coming To T-Mobile
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  2. clitrenta's Avatar
    They're all good in their own way. Pearls are very pocketable, 8900 had no 3G so it could do UMA calling, UMA and 3G wasn't possible at the time, the 9700 was the first that could do both.
    Judge every phone for the time it was launched not for using it now.

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    In that case, I agree completely. The 8900 was a great phone in it's day. I also think the Pearl was a pretty good phone although the keys were a tad small. The entire Bold line is great but of them all, I just like the feel of the 9700. It just felt solid in the hand. I'm rockin the 9780 now but even it doesn't have that seem comfy feel of the 9700. Very close though. The 9900 intrigues me but don't want to go back to needing two hands to operate
    05-16-11 02:57 PM
  3. gunderscorewil's Avatar
    For me.

    Best - 9000 the size makes it a little better than the 97xx but no OS6 is just wrong (wont be judging the 9900 until it gets to market). The 9900 does excite me but Ill probably be getting a Sensation or a NexusOne as my next phone (goodbye battery life lol)

    Worst - Tie between the Strom and the 93xx/85xx Curves. I have a 9300 and it is the WORST phone i have had to date (tied with my BackFlop and Chocolate). The simplest things warrant that BLASTED hourglass. There is never enough memory (RAM) to do anything, screen resolution is a joke (there is no reason i "paid" for a smartphone yet i can make out each pixel) and overall it just feels like a toy. Not the solid build of the Bolds. I wish i would have just bought an 8900 and forgone 3G....
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  4. v1rus2092's Avatar
    Best - BlackBerry 8900/8320. Solid devices minus no 3G .

    I moved over to android currently. I won't lie i miss my blackberries !
    05-16-11 08:15 PM
  5. jlspeed29's Avatar
    Best - BlackBerry 8900/8320. Solid devices minus no 3G .

    I moved over to android currently. I won't lie i miss my blackberries !
    That is the one major thing I wish the 8900 had. Then the next gen came out wh 3g but had a shiddy camera wh no flash!!! Wtf!
    could have been the perfect phone

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    05-17-11 12:29 AM
  6. Daz91's Avatar
    Only had 1 and its the 9000, I only get rid of a phone if it fails me and I've this for 2 years and so far so good!
    Although seeing the new bold touch makes my knees weak!

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    05-17-11 03:57 PM
  7. Lorenn_x's Avatar
    In my opinion,

    Best: Bold 9780

    Worst: Curve 8520/8530
    05-18-11 06:58 PM
  8. smartphonelover's Avatar
    best: bold series,especially the incoming bold 9900/9930
    worst: pearl series,
    i think~
    05-19-11 02:08 AM
  9. smartphonelover's Avatar
    in one word:
    the worst BBs, in my opinion, is those with trackballs, cause trackball is really annoying: easy to get dirty,easy to be out of order...
    i like the idea that the bb with the trackpad, more durable,much easier to operate and more precise...
    05-19-11 02:15 AM
  10. tmelon's Avatar
    Best: Bold 9900, Torch, 9780, Curve 8900

    Worst: 85XX series, 93XX series, Pearl, Storm
    05-19-11 06:22 PM
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