1. AIDave's Avatar
    Is anyone using Blackberry Professional, the small biz version of BES?

    What have been your experiences with BB Pro as opposed to BES?

    I understand they basically function the same, but BB Pro is designed to install on your exchange server and not a standalone server.

    Also, with any BB PIN, you can download BB Professional Express with a single license for FREE from BB website. Additional licenses are $99 which would be a good solution for single users with exchange, or small biz up to 30 users, provided you get the same functionality as BES.
    10-30-08 01:47 PM
  2. Shao128's Avatar
    We run BPS at work on our Domino box. We haven't had any problems with it. It provides much of the functionality of BES. My only complaint about it is the (lack of) support from RIM on it. BES is on Service Pack 6, BPS is on SP4. SP6 for BES was released quite some time ago now, which included amoung other things support for HTML email. Nothing has been released for BPS and there has been no official word from RIM on if/when a release is planned. BIS, BES, & Unite users all have HTML support, BPS is the only one lacking at this point.
    10-30-08 07:21 PM
  3. AIDave's Avatar
    Thanks for the input.

    So BPS wont push any HTML e-mail currently?
    10-31-08 11:08 AM
  4. Shao128's Avatar
    Yup no HTML email in BPS as it stands.
    10-31-08 10:12 PM