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    Just got off of a conference call with my client and RIM. We're migrating users from one BES server / MS Exchange server, to another BES server / MS Exchange server. The BES admins at my client who manage the new environment that we're migrating to, AND RIM from this conference call, both agree the only way to safely move a phone from one corporate email account (BES configuration) to another, is to wipe the phone, then setup on the new BES.

    We're migrating about 15 phones this weekend. The problem is, if I wipe these users phones, they will likely shoot me. I understand there are many ways to backup a phone. However if I then restore the backup, it would seem to me that the BES config/corporate email account/policies would get restored. (Please forgive me, I'm very new to BlackBerry administration). I need to be able to protect the data that is not part of Exchange, like photos, settings, apps,..... I also need a fairly efficient and safe way to do this to 15 phones in a very short period of time. They won't be giving me their phones until Monday morning, for a brief period.

    Please, if anyone has some insight, I would greatly appreciate it. I'm supposed to come up with some magical solution by tomorrow and it's already 11:30pm here. Been on google for a long while, and the only info I've found at all helpful was in this forum, so that's why I'm posting.

    12-02-11 01:30 AM