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    I have a question about the CAL licenses for BES Express. I have an existing installation of BES Express with one CAL license. I have a new user with a new Blackberry that I need to add to the same BES server.

    The first CAL license was free with the first phone when I input the PIN and downloaded the software from the Blackberry website.

    Do I need to buy a CAL license for the second user or go back to the BES Express site and sign up again using the PIN from the second phone and get another free license?

    Basically, is it one free CAL license per phone or per server?

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    08-29-07 08:34 AM
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    You need another CAL license. It's one per user to a max of 15 users on BES Express.
    08-29-07 09:22 AM
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    I know I need another license, the question was, do I need to pay for it or can I get another free one?
    08-29-07 09:43 AM
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    You must pay for it.
    08-29-07 01:26 PM