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    Does anybody within RIM Blackberry have a handle on the volume of BB users within the SME arena who are effectivly stuck on BES Express, and unable to use the latest Z10 and Q10 handsets without incurring considerable cost in upgrading to Full BES? as a business we still need the MDM that BES offers, but we can't afford the cost of the full product.

    It would appear that Blackberry has effectivly removed their ability to retain this market share by not offering a "lite version" of BES, although I fully understand the OS and development platform positioning of Blackberry 10. Is this business decision therefore deliberate?

    Just how many BES express users are out there?

    02-14-13 11:24 AM
  2. Anonymous94587689's Avatar
    Well, I will miss BES Express too = free is great !

    BUT Blackberry enterprise server 10 is not that expensive
    The server is free ( see https://enterprise.ecomm.webapps.bla...A54829001.html)
    and you pay a $99 *perpetual* license per device ( see https://enterprise.ecomm.webapps.bla...000000001.html) .
    While it is not free, I dont think it is outrageous.

    Already downloaded the server and I am using the 2 months trial license with a couple of playbooks, while waiting for the Q10 & Z10.

    As for the server, I bought a used DL360 G5, dual Xeon , 8 GB ram and 4x72GB drive... for about $200 ( including shipping )
    working great
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    02-14-13 11:38 AM
  3. DEP79's Avatar
    02-14-13 11:41 AM
  4. Thunderbuck's Avatar
    The trouble with BESx is that it wouldn't be worth BB's time or money to support it. An awful lot of BESx users were small businesses that didn't necessarily have massive security requirements, they just wanted to enable Exchange mail on their company BBs. I'm pretty sure a majority of these customers will just buy BB10s (or, yes, iPhones or Androids, or some combination of the three) and just use ActiveSync.
    02-14-13 11:43 AM
  5. Ponyszkow's Avatar
    Hi Braird - Have you mentioned the Blackberry BES data Tariff you would have to add to your X10 mobile package?
    02-15-13 04:34 AM
  6. JRonin's Avatar
    No such thing anymore, you can just use a regular data plan with BB10 and BES10.
    02-15-13 08:28 AM
  7. Anonymous94587689's Avatar
    well, your initial question was about the cost of BES 10.

    Now, regerding the service fee: I understand that everyone wants everything free of charge. but the NOC cost real money, and brings real benefits, so a fee must be paid. However, since BES 10 target all the available platforms, it is not easy for Blackberry to charge more for data service for BBs compared to the other two.
    in fact, I checked with a couple of carriers here in the U.S. and they were unable to tell me if the BES fee still apply for BB10. I will have to wait for the device to become available to speak about the service fee.

    by the way, I believe that these dwingling service fees are what really scare investors ....

    wait and see ....
    02-15-13 08:49 AM
  8. Foreverup's Avatar
    While it was nice to have a BES for free, kind of knew it wouldn't last forever.

    The real key to BESx was you were able to get BES services with a BIS plan through your carrier. But since BlackBerry refuses to answer any questions regarding BIS/BES carrier plans they are leaving alot of small businesses in the dark. BlackBerry just needs to man up a explain what is going on with BIS and BES data plans.
    02-15-13 09:03 AM

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