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    I've done some searching for this but don't see my answer. I had my Tour for several weeks before my company got the Enterprise crap all taken care of (If I'd have known it took that long I would have waited to buy the phone!). The Verizon guys setup my @gmail account on there which occupies the email icon on my desktop. Now that the BES has been activated, I get my company emails in the message folder along with everything else but I have no separate folder for it like I do my gmail letters.

    I was under the impression that each mail account got a separate icon (I understand that everything goes to Messages box - have to deal with that).Do I have to perform some type of additional setup to get my BES to have a folder too? All I did with the Enterprise guy on the phone was go to OPtions>Adv Options>Ent Activation and put the address and password in there. It activated 100% and things seem to kind of be where I'd want them but I'm still a little fuzzy about the complete setup. The contacts seem to be there in both places (BB and laptop) and my calender is populated.

    Can somebody point me towards a thread to answer this? I saw lots of BIS questions in the FAQ and How-To but not much about BES except that it's different.
    08-19-09 11:17 AM
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    I may be wrong here as my phone is BIS and not BES but I think, from reading prior posts, the separate email icons are only for BIS accounts and not BES. All BES messages just go into the messages folder so it may be that you can't do what you're looking to do.

    There are others on here with vast experience of BES who can either confirm or deny what I've written but I think I've read this on here before when searching for an email problem I had myself.
    08-19-09 01:27 PM
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    Thanks mark-d. I guess I'll keep looking and waiting for a BES user response. It would appear that this will not quite behave like I'd anticipated initally. I sort of thought there'd be a "mailbox" for the BES stuff like there is for the BIS account I use too so that I could use the messages folder as a dump that gets cleaned regularly.
    08-20-09 01:00 PM
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    BES email goes into the messages icon along with your BIS email. It eliminates the other icons usefulness, and the only way to seperate it is a third party application on your device.
    08-20-09 01:02 PM
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    Does that mean that there is an app that will create and maintain my BES emails in a separtate folder like the BIS does or am I misreading what you're saying?
    08-20-09 01:07 PM
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    Liquidmike, did you ever get this resolved? I have the same issue, and am looking for help!

    10-13-09 02:34 PM
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    I never got an answer beyond what you see here. I was hoping that someone would answer my last question about a separate app for this but never heard anything. Good luck.

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    10-13-09 03:07 PM
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    Thanks...How are you resolving it now? Just dealing with it? I'd also like a hot key to delete emails...that would be nice too.
    10-13-09 03:10 PM
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    Just dealing.

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    10-13-09 03:33 PM
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    There are some threads out there about this. It is possible to get a separate icon for your BES mail. The server needs to be BES 4.1 sp5 or above, and a change needs to be made in the database to allow it, and then service books need resent. This will affect every phone connected to the BES server, so either everyone will get it, or no one will get it.

    edit: The database change is as follows

    in the BESMgmt databse, ServerConfig table, change BESOnlyMessages to 1
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    10-13-09 04:32 PM
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    Thanks for the info. I doubt I'm that important:-)

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    10-13-09 04:44 PM
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    I have this same issue, and asked my local IT person to make the change on the BES server. They were ok with it, but the head company IT was not. WTF. It makes things better.

    Anyway, I've downloaded a trial of BES Mailbox from Empower. It's on BB App world. Download a trial and try that first.
    10-13-09 06:19 PM
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    Yeah, that's just crazy. Like you said, it makes things easier, and it's not hard to do. And if you don't like it, you can hide the icon.

    Another work around you could try is do a search that displays your BES Inbox and save the search to a hot key. We did this when we were still on BPS before we upgraded to BES 5.0. All the user had to do was go into their messages folder and hit alt+w and it would do the search.
    10-13-09 06:28 PM
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    Sorry I missed this thread earlier - yes, there is a third party app that does exactly what you want. It's not free but well worth it to separate company email into its own folder. Empower HTML Email Viewer, Blackberry Threaded SMS and more

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    10-13-09 08:31 PM