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    I searched for an answer but didn't find my problem addressed.

    I have a used BB 8700c (AT&T) that was connected to a BES server. I no longer want BES service and want to begin using just BIS. I've deleted the IT policy (successfully, I believe) and upgraded to 4.5. Seems to be working except when I try to register the device PIN & IMEI with AT&T BIS, I get an alert that the account is already in use (which it probably is) & to contact AT&T. I did and they want to change the rate plan to BIS. I have a grandfathered unlimited international data plan that I want to retain and wasn't confident that the rate would continue.

    How can I disassociate my device and establish a new account?
    11-18-09 01:02 AM
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    I expect that any changes to your account will release the carrier from having to support the grandfathered plan. I suspect you will need to start over and accept whatever plans are currently in effect today. Hope I'm wrong and you can continue with your unlimited data plan but I doubt it :-)

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    11-18-09 07:56 AM