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    EDIT: You may be paying for data from your plan.. but streaming pandora/slacker, or youtube or anything else while on a BES, the company is also paying.. so most companies will websense that stuff. Do it on your own time, or remove yourself from the BES if you have a need for it.
    The solution to this on your end is "Don't force all browsing to go through BES." Then the company won't have to pay for the data usage.
    05-19-09 06:43 PM
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    It's people like you who risk company information for the sake of having some piece of mind to getting your company emails.

    BIS devices cannot be remotely managed.. so if you lose your device, whoever finds it now has your emails, contacts..etc.

    They also have your company attachments in those emails. This is why BIS needs to be closed down from a company standpoint. Block the IP's, and block the BIS connections IMO.
    Dude, I am not risking my company, we have lotus note as our CRM, I sync my calendar entries and as for my contacts they are just replicated on my PC I do mean (just my contacts) and not the companies. In order for me to get the general server for our company wide contacts; I have to copy the names of those people to my own directory.

    As for my work I set it up where any email I get is forwarded to me storm and I setup my storm email to do the same.

    So if my bb is lost it will get wiped since I have a password on it.

    So before you go around saying this and saying that better you find out the details.
    05-19-09 07:14 PM
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    I've had a couple arguments lately on unrelated topics that boiled down to "I can set whatever rules I want!" vs. "Sure you can. I just think the rules you've chosen are dumb."

    Please don't take this as an insult. You should instead take it as a constructive criticism that with power comes responsibility. The key to being a good security admin is setting the right policies so that security is maintained with as little pissing off of the end user as possible. You kind of have to pick your battles when it comes to unpopular policies. Some tradeoffs are worth it (like mandatory timeout lock), and some probably aren't. (Like forcing BES only browsing.)

    Kudos to RIM, though, for creating a system with so much flexibility.

    ETA: Oh yeah, and I'm well aware that sometimes the directives come from on high and you're stuck with them. Nothing more fun than implementing a policy that pisses off everyone including yourself.
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    If you don't have to worry about others seeing your emails, texts etc and still need to access your work emails you can set up your bis to send your work emails to your phone if you can access them by OWA there is a good thread in bb discussion on how to do this. It works great, that's what I did to get off the bes. Ours had a conflict where I wasn't able to send texts due to some glitch with service books. That is the only way I know of to keep your bb that you pay for not locked down by bes, providing your IT doesn't get mad that you access owa through your bb.

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