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    Good day. Barring this post, I can not find a firm determination regarding if a DM manager backup is supposed to back up the device's association with a corporate BES server.

    I backed up the device earlier last night and then nuked my device by screwing around with about a gajillion apps (/me = hack) and I ended up getting the device into a looping boot sequence.

    I bricked it, reloaded the OS and then restored from the fresh backup.

    I was disappointed to see that not only did the 3rd party apps not get reinstalled, but also learned that I now have to go to my IT dept with my tail between my legs asking for a refresh on the BES server so that I can reassociate the device with my corporate exchange server.

    So, three questions:

    1) Is DM's native full backup intended to backup BES association vitals?
    2) Is DM's native full backup intended to backup the entire device, to include all 3rd party apps?
    3) If not to either 1 or 2, are there tools (i.e. BBSAK or VNBBUtils) that will facilitate this functionality?

    Please review, consider, and reply to advise. Thanks, in advance. Have a great day!

    07-06-11 06:36 PM
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    To backup BES information, the PC has to be connected to the BES (Exchange, for example) when you perform the DM backup or restore. If so, it will respect the BES settings. For me, that means doing all the backups on my work PC.

    But to recover otherwise, it may just be a matter of having your BES admin give a new password and reactivate BES. Still might need to slink your way to the BES Admin, though :-)

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    07-06-11 06:52 PM