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    Today there is some news coverage of RIM's enterprise strategy and BES10, incliuding the death of BES Express.

    | RIM's road map to unified mobile management | Mobile Technology - InfoWorld

    Galen Gruman wrote this after spending three hours with Jeff Holleran, director of enterprise management RIM, and "several colleagues." This gives him yet another opportunity to fling some barbs toward RIM: "... they couldn't answer many of my questions given the platform's under-development reality"; "Just to confuse matters -- RIM is good at this ..." So Mr. Gruman is his usual critial self. However, on the second page of his write-up, he has a clear description of the two ways BB10 will use EAS: either directly as for iPhones and Android phones, or via BES 10.

    | BlackBerry's BES mess: No more Express Server version, says RIM | ZDNet

    This ZDNet article discusses the end of BES Express and is rather crtical of the decision. Like many other articles, it also criticizes the necessity of running BES 5 and BES 10 on two different servers (either physical or virtual). In news to me, however, it reports that a planned May service pack will allow the two versions of BES to run on a single server.

    | You'll need to deploy BES 10 for BlackBerry 10 to make any sense | ZDNet

    This second ZDNet report is a long and quite positive assessment of the advantages of BES 10.
    Reason 1: BlackBerry Balance
    Reason 2: Sideloading
    Reason 3: Unique network setup
    Reason 4: Simplified server publishing

    But the author doesn't see much point for BB10 in the enterprise without BES 10.
    10-10-12 06:20 PM

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