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    I just recently left Verizon, and signed a contract with AT&T with the Blackberry Curve 8310. So far, I friggin' love this phone. This morning, I was talking with my roommate's fiance about the lack of wi-fi in this phone, and it got me thinking: what's the benefit of having wi-fi in a phone?

    Whenever I want to access the internet, I simply use the AT&T network. Granted, accessing a wireless router would be faster, but when I am using my phone to access the internet, it's because I am driving or away from my laptop. In nearly all of these settings, I would be moving around constantly, which wouldn't allow me to stay connected to one particular router. Granted, my connection would be faster if I wanted to use the phone to get online at home, but wouldn't I rather use my laptop for that?

    It seems the benefit is for people who don't wish to pay for the data service with the wireless provider. Is that accurate, or are there some other large benefits I'm overlooking?
    11-01-07 01:51 PM
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    Well, one obvious benefit is for calls with the 8320 on T-Mobile. Another is for when I have access to a wireless signal and would rather browse or download quickly rather than waiting for the mobile network. Overall I don't think that BlackBerries are currently ready to take full advantage of Wifi for data access since they just don't access data the way Windows Mobile and S60 devices do. I never feel like I am beinbg slowed down by the Edge connection on the Curve. On my WM phone or my E61i it is VERY obvious when I am not using Wifi.

    Basically, the big advantage for Wifi on a BB is for calls.

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    11-03-07 12:15 AM
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    While the general assumption is that WiFi is for those who don't want to pay for a data plan, that's pretty much off base. The WiFi in the Blackberry is designed to supplement the Edge data at higher speeds when WiFi might be available. It is not designed to replace edge data. Some applications will work without a data plan over WiFi. But a lot more won't. I'm on a BES plan and my 8820 seems to run some applications that others on a BIS plan do not. I have no idea why. BUt I can run Opera Mini 4 beta 3 with no data connection over the WiFi. I can do it with Google Maps and several other programs. I've had others with the same 8820 tell me they can't. I haven't done anything special to the applications on my end. The BES is the only thing I can see different between my phone and theirs.

    I have my WiFi set to attach to my home network anytime it is available. I see most of my downloads & internet data run quite a bit faster over WiFi. I can't seem to get LEAP encryption to work at my office. I'll see what happens when 4.3 is released and see if that fixes it. Other than that, the WiFi works quite well. I have no need for a camera on my phone. So the 8820 with both GPS & WiFi was a great choice for me. The 8300 Curve sits in a box never even turned on.
    11-04-07 07:06 AM