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    This approach doesn't really make sense for Rim, they cannot afford to sell these things near cost and they will not greatly affect sales by dropping it by a smaller amount, also those people who are eager to get bb10 early are going to do so providing the price is reasonable anyway. Note, I am expecting it to be priced competitively with high end android devices rather than an iphone's pricing.

    If there is any device where it would make more sense for them to cut margins to increase volumes would be on the first mid to lower range model as this one will be coming out after the initial batch of upgraders have got their bb10 devices and this would provide more momentum to the platform.
    if they did your approach, most of the momentum would already be lost due to negative reports as people will stick with the proven formats at the same price...
    you only get once chance at a first impression, RIM cant blow it.
    besides compared to the aristo. the z10 is the midrange option...

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    @narci If they are confident and believe BB10 is the best phone, there's no reason they don't invest in advertising/marketing/1to1/social, where $1 invested is supposed to return more. They can afford it with $3B cash reserve. Low pricing is to me a bad move ... even if I (as all of us) would prefer the lowest and buy L&N in a row ... but none of us is average consumer.
    Problem for RIM is that everyone and their mothers think RIM is dead.They need to get as many units into hands of users to help spread the word on how good it is. Look at the Galaxy S3. There wasn't much advertising for the S3 (at least in Canada) at the beginning but it did take off like a rocket because many people had the phone and recommended it to other people.

    As much as I am a BB fanatic, they are NOT perceived as a luxury brand and should not have the luxury pricing (at least not right now).

    Personally, I was dead set on a BB10. I have to buy my phones outright because my carrier, FIDO, offers crappy phones on contract. My plan is pretty amazing so switching would be tough just to get a Z10 on contract. After hearing the $700 range thrown around, I'll have to do either 2 things. 1) switch over to an S3. You can pick up one on Craigslist for less then $500. 2) wait a few months and grab a Z10 on Craigslist from people selling the device because they renewed their contract and want to get rid of a brand new phone.
    01-07-13 05:43 PM
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