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    I was talking to a friend of mine who works in the offices at bell, and he emailed me some interesting news:

    "Today we can answer the question that pretty much all of us on the Bell team have been asked since we announced the buildout of our new HSPA network last year: “Does this new network mean Bell will get the Apple iPhone?” With Bell and Apple formally announcing this morning that we have partnered to bring both iPhone 3G and the third-generation iPhone 3GS to Canada next month, the answer is: Yes we will!

    It’s big news for Bell. Not only is the iPhone a truly ground-breaking and hugely popular mobile device that’s sold more than 20 million units worldwide since its introduction in 2007, it also means the loss of an advantage for our competitor Rogers, which had been the exclusive provider of iPhone in Canada until now.

    The announcement also means that Bell will be the only carrier in Canada to offer the three most popular smartphones in the world – the Apple iPhone, RIM’s BlackBerry series and the Palm Pre. It’s a unique advantage that underlines just one of the benefits of having two leading-edge 3G wireless networks – full access to all of the world’s most in-demand smartphones and other data devices."

    He also emailed me more info on the HSPA network:

    "Today Bell announced a significant acceleration of our HSPA high-speed wireless network plans. Originally promised in time for the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver, the new network will now be available to Canadians in November – three months ahead of schedule and in time for both the busy holiday sales season and any new wireless competition that may arrive before the end of the year.

    This isn’t just great news for Bell customers and our company, it’s also great news for Canada – with this being the fastest and largest HSPA network buildout ever worldwide, we’re reaffirming Canada’s leadership in the global wireless industry.

    HSPA is launching not just to urban centres but to rural and remote locations right across Canada with service to almost 20,000 cities and towns. 93 per cent of Canada’s population in a geographic coverage area greater than 1.2 million square kilometres from coast to coast will be able to access mobile high-speed HSPA service from day one. That puts us ahead of the current HSPA operator in Canada, Rogers, right from the start.

    Combined with our existing EVDO network, which is already established as Canada’s largest 3G network, Bell will be able to offer our customers maximum international and North American coverage and maximum access to the latest and greatest smartphones available worldwide. Stay tuned for more news on our exciting new HSPA network launch and updates on the new data devices that will take full advantage of our latest broadband offering"

    Sounds like pretty damn good news to me!
    10-06-09 09:36 PM