04-11-14 12:12 PM
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    Best thing to try is to send them a BBM message before your call and /or try to be online with an iOS user in BBM when you initiate. Once you see a "D" then you can call. Otherwise BBM won't be running in order to pick up your call because iOS puts processes like BBM to sleep and only periodically sends a ping message after long gaps in time (many minutes.) This is also why regular BBM messages are in the checkmark stage for so long for iOS users indicating it is in the server waiting to be delivered. (It's not as noticeable on other platforms because of their misleading UIs. )

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    I'm fully aware of the IOS limitation and this is not the case in my issue, there is definitely a SERVER Issue with BBM in this part of the world because it was working before but in the past 20 days only BlackBerry devices receive calls and not any other device, I tried every way possible to make a call to Android or iPhone but nothing worked.

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    04-11-14 12:12 PM
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