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    Yea yea, find the appropriate thread. I'm too lazy.

    I wanted to tell you all you can use BlackBerry Messenger Voice on your 3G connection by "tricking it".

    Note: This is for those who do NOT have a high-speed internet connection/wi-fi available at their home like me.

    What you'll need:

    - Any app that will allow you to use your BlackBerry's data connection to tether to your PC/laptop. [Only works on laptops and desktops with a WiFi adapter!]

    - USB cord for tethering. (Bluetooth PAN hasn't been tested.)

    - Connectify or similar WiFi hotspot application for Windows users. (Sorry Mac/Linux users, you're left out in the cold. ...Unless you *do* have a high-speed connection and a wireless router.)

    Since I'm on mobile, I'll keep it short and simple.

    - Connect your PC to the internet by following the instructions from your tethering app of choice (Tether, PDANet, Easytether.).

    - Once connected, install/open up the Wi-Fi hotspot app you installed (In this case, I used Connectify. Simple to configure.)

    - Find the network adapter that's currently connected and share it via the app. (You may have to enable Internet Connection Sharing.)

    - Enter the WiFi hotspot SSID, password (optional), and click connect.

    - Wait for it to initialise.

    - Once started, turn on Wi-Fi on your BlackBerry.

    - CONNECT to the network. (Yes, connect to your own 3G internet connection you are sharing.)

    - Test BBM Voice to a BBM contact.

    Now I can't guarantee it'll work 100% of the time.

    I tested it and it worked just fine.

    Let me know if you got it working.


    Details on setting up your own WiFi hotspot on Windows is scarce and I'm well aware of that. I'm *assuming* most of you know how to do it.

    I'm explaining the steps on my BlackBerry the best I can. For those requesting screenshots and a more in-depth how-to, I'll do it tomorrow.

    Right now I shall sleep.

    I just wanted to tell you guys that BBM Voice does *in fact* work over 3G if you're willing to go the extra mile and don't have a high-speed internet connection at home.
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    01-06-13 11:28 PM

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