1. Riddymon's Avatar
    So before I start up...yes I know it can be used with Meetings.

    I'm sure many of us are well aware that BBM video is not available on other platforms besides from BB10. However, with the release of the Venice I would be annoyed if I gave up my BlackBerry device only to end up now lose a pretty major BBM feature. I don't really use it often but it has come in handy while helping my parents fix computer issues...lol. Do you think the Venice had been one of the reasons they've been holding off and do you think that functionality will come with the release of the Venice? I'd like to believe I still have that option if I decided to switch.


    Pimp slappin iGeeks, Droinerds and Windufuses with my big white Z30
    09-19-15 10:04 AM
  2. conite's Avatar
    Android has many, many, many video chat apps. I think we'll be OK.

    I'm not sure why BlackBerry would spend money to provide yet another free solution in a sea of free solutions on Android.
    I don't think it would affect buying decisions at all.

    09-19-15 10:26 AM

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