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    As far as I understand it will still work even without SIM inserted (for GSM models), because a BlackBerry data plan is tied to the PIN, which in turn is hardcoded into the device itself. Therefore even with WiFi the device will try to authenticate with the RIM servers and once it has done this, all BlackBerry services will work purely over WiFi. This will still need a data plan as authentication without one is impossible.
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    So what happens when you upgrade phones. I still have my 8900 here, and I've been using it to stream pandora on my desk radio. Do you think RIM/TMO would still have the old phone registered or not? I guess I could test it out...
    As long as u have a data plan on ur account ur fine that's ur key to RIMs servers. Its like having TV Service and hoping for the premium channels to work without ordering them. In this case u need to add a Data Plan in order for some native apps like BBM to work cuz that's what they're known for and they know ppl love so that's where business comes in. Btw some apps don't need to go through RIMs servers to work therefore u won't need a Data Plan. Hope this helps.

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    Sorry guys, I don't mean to ressurect a 2 month old thread but I've got a data plan here in Canada on my 9700, BBM works etc. but here's my question,

    I'm travelling to Dubai pretty soon and I'm going to be using my 'du' SIM there and I was planning on using WiFi for BBM (which I've now discovered, after reading, won't work).

    But since my PIN is registered to a BIS or whatever, would my BBM still work in Dubai with a different SIM?. (note, I don't have a data plan in Dubai). Since I've heard that people here use BBM w/o a SIM card, but only this time I'll be overseas.

    Sorry if I'm asking the same question that others have, I just need some clarification.

    06-05-10 04:50 AM
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    Hey guys,
    I have a bb 9700 and realize that you need a data plan. I have one and am perfectly fine with it, but I took the sim card out and none of the services (bbm, Facebook, etc) worked. I have turned off the radio and with sim in while overseas and it worked for some reason. It is unlocked, but i can't get bbm to work over wifi without a sim. Can anybody help me? Thanks.

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    My BIS email works over wifi even when I shut my mobile network (Sprint 1XEV) off. (You taking out your sim card is the same as me shutting off my Sprint mobile connection.) I would think it would all work over wifi (even overseas) so long as you have an active BIS plan on your cell account at home. In the case of Sprint, I wouldn't be able to roam overseas unless I added Sprint's international service to my plan, which I would probably do just to have. But I'm sure I could even shut it off, use a local sim for cheaper calls, while using wifi for BIS services. Why wouldn't it work so long as I have an active BIS account?

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