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    RIM has announced that BBM Music is launching in the UK today (15th Nov). BBM Music is a cloud-based social music service which allows users to discover and share songs from the likes of Universal, Sony, Warner and EMI with your BBM contacts. The more friends you are connected to on BBM, the bigger your music library becomes.

    Alongside these announcements, RIM has passed another milestone as its customer base in the UK, “RIM’s customer base in the UK has recently passed 8 million subscribers”, comments Stephen Bates, Managing Director of Research in Motion. With over 165 million smartphones in the marketplace, RIM has seen 40% growth in its worldwide subscriber base (50million in October 2010 compared with 70 million today).

    BBM continues to go from strength to strength, with over 50 million customers enjoying the benefits of the service (up from 28 million in October 2010). BlackBerry App World is also continuing to grow; with almost five million downloads every day it is now available in over 130 countries and recently crossed the one billion downloads mark.

    source: n4bb
    11-15-11 06:48 AM
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    So the good news is printed as little footnotes?
    And the bad front page?
    11-17-11 07:09 AM
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    Why the bad news? Can't we see the good news instead?

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    11-17-11 07:28 AM