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    Hey guys,

    I sorta posted this b4 and i needed to know what kind of lag time (between sending & receiving) a BBM message is appropriate. Sometimes when i send a message the delivery is instant but other times when i send a message it takes upto 15 seconds b4 it is delivered to the contact. The thing is i get the tick mark instantly when this happens but the message delivery is delayed and i get D mark after 15 seconds. I checked with @blackberryhelp on twitter but they said they had no outages and i checked with my service provider and they said they had no problems as well. I am running OS 6 .285 and BBM 5 .41.
    02-12-11 09:33 PM
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    Message i've sent:

    Message that have been receive:

    That's funny, It's Swap but that's what annoys me.
    02-13-11 05:28 AM
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    Yup thats exactly what happens its really irritating coz it jst spoils the convo, i dnt know what the solution for this is. RIM aren't helping neither is my service provider huh ?
    02-13-11 05:56 AM
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    Try Whatsapp, I would say it's 80% faster than BBM.
    Whatsapp could be download at App World.
    With It, you can even talk too ur friends on iphone

    BlackBerry App World - WhatsApp Messenger
    02-13-11 09:44 PM