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    My brother got a new 9900, and his wife was playing with it and setup HER BBID on his phone. Now she can not connect to appworld on her own blackberry. I assume it is because you can not have two ID's on two different devices.

    If this is correct, how can she fix this issue? Her phone is a company phone so wiping hers will not be an option. My brothers is new so very little information is on it and can easily be restored. Is that the best/only option?

    05-17-12 09:06 PM
  2. jafobabe's Avatar
    You can change the BBID on the 9900 back to HIS BBID... and then she can set her's back on her phone. No wiping needed.
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    05-17-12 09:18 PM
  3. robsteve's Avatar
    Try going into setup and then BBID and login to BBID on the wife's phone. Initiating a purchase on AppWorld may ask about switching the BBID back to the phone as well.

    The new phone will also need to be wiped and a new BBID put on it to prevent further problems.
    05-17-12 09:22 PM