1. anonymous23501's Avatar
    i want to download some apps i've seen in app world.
    but it's been ages since i last used my BBID and I've forgot the password.
    so i reset it on my phone. i typed in the security question and my phone said it sent a email to my inbox (don't worry the BBID email address is the same as the one i'm checking),
    but when i looked on my laptop (because i don't use my blackberry for mail) the email wasn't there.
    i went on to reset my password several times to make sure the email was sent and now i'm just lost in the whole process.
    also i did attempt the BBID password 6/10 times and i don't want to mess around with it in case something happens to my account.

    i checked the knowledge base on the blackberry website.
    BlackBerry ID reset email is not being delivered to the associated mailbox
    this did not help so i followed option one
    For security purposes, the BlackBerry ID reset email will NOT be delivered to the device. The reset email must be accessed through the email account associated to the BlackBerry ID. See KB26361 for more information on this.

    How to change or reset a BlackBerry ID password
    but this is for BBos 6/7 and playbook and i have an older blackberry running v5.0.0.681
    so i follow the second option at the bottom of the page
    but for whatever reason my BBID user name is wrong.

    BBID password reset email not showing in inbox!-bbid.png

    hope you can help?
    11-18-12 05:43 PM
  2. SCrid2000's Avatar
    I had to do a second one of those the other day for my wife's account, the first one never sent.
    Make sure you check your spam folder too.
    11-18-12 07:09 PM

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