1. sunnnshine99's Avatar
    I love my 8310 but wished it had WiFi.
    Hopefully this wasn't asked already.....

    If I would get a wifi adapter for my 8310 (mini usb adapter)... is there any way I would be able to get it to connect to my network/internet... at home... panera... anywhere?? Is there software available that I could download?

    Not even sure if this is possible but I dont want to download the 8320 device software b/c I'd lose built-in GPS (i think.)

    So am I just wishful thinking ... or can this be possible???

    Someone has had to try this already right?
    02-05-08 04:36 PM
  2. squeakr's Avatar
    No it is not possible as the device only has client USB properties and not host capabilities.

    Yes, you would loose the built in GPS with the 8320, but you could get a BT GPS puck and still have the GPS capabilities. Maybe not what you are wanting but it is a way to get the best of bith worlds for now.
    02-06-08 09:28 PM