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    Folks at n4bb discovered SIRI like voice commands on BB10 alpha hidden in the latest alpha build. No Surprise..it is where mobile computing is heading and I think they licensed tech from naunce like in current gen Blackberries, coincidentally Apple also licenses tech from Naunce for SIRI.

    surprised it is not on CB front page yet.

    Check it out...

    Siri-like Voice Commands on BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha (Video) - N4BB
    07-20-12 01:49 PM
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    07-20-12 01:52 PM
  3. anthonybaker's Avatar
    hahah i just signed on to post this. not a huge benifit in my mind but it needs to be there for consumer to buy in.
    07-20-12 01:52 PM
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    Most people that have iPhones don't use Siri. After trying to make an entry five times they just type it in. Also, the data charges are material. However, many people purchased the device because of the marketing for Siri.

    I'm glad RIM is integrating something like this but Vlingo works great for actual functional things. I don't need to ask it the meaning of life or who I am. I just want to call, e-mail, note to self, search, etc. and it does that quite well. The rest is just gimmick.
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    07-20-12 02:08 PM