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    Please lay out your estimate and rationale - from a business perspective. And please remember that hope is NOT a strategy.

    Here's mine : Q1 2014 absolute best case, more likely Q1 2015.

    The issue for me is honesty. How can we be expected to believe a complete and proper Q1 2013 release after the BB10 "No it's the chip" lie, and the Playbook 1.0 release with no native email or other PIM functionality for a year? And still no Skype? Or the silence about delays during the recent developer conferences? Given those, RIM's and Thor's promises can't be trusted. The reality is the earliest any BB10 phone will be worth betting on is when BB10 phones have been released and are proven in the wild, with a strong and also proven app ecosystem.

    I'd allow 6-9 months post-release absolute minimum so even if they actually deliver when they're now promising (Q1 2013), that sets it to Q4 2013/Q1 2014. And that's best case. Given the decreasing actual support for Berries currently, plus the way RIM just stung the developer community with the surprise BB10 delay, I'd guess it will take longer than 6-9 months to build up that app ecosystem.

    Conclusion : I'm not waiting. iPhone, Android or Windows, I'm not sure. And I may be back if BB10 delivers. But I'm not waiting.

    - R.
    06-29-12 11:39 AM
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    was it a question, really
    06-29-12 11:43 AM
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    was it a question, really
    Sorry, thought I was clear but can see how it may have been confusing. Unfortunately, can't figure out how to re-title the thread.

    So, to be clear - "When do you think BB10 phones will be worth buying from a business user point of view? Please provide your estimate and rationale."

    I provided my estimate and the reasoning behind it in my first post.

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks - R.
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    06-29-12 02:17 PM
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    I feel it will be worth while instantly. They actually have been showing it off and everything, so I just have a feeling.
    06-29-12 02:48 PM