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    I'm on site at BB10Jam World Tour in Santa Clara, and will be reporting anything and everything on my twitter: @mikelcal. I'll hopefully have enough energy to come back and post my insights and other comments.

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    06-07-12 08:57 AM
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    Boy oh boy oh boy! What a long day it's been! I must say that there really wasn't much new information to give you guys, but my takeaway experience as someone who has never been to an event of this nature, is that the excitement in the room was real. There were developers there from all kinds of companies, Marmelade, Splashtop, amongst other small start ups, but the one that caught my attention was the SKYPE rep who was there. He was there with his buddy and they were excited to learn more about what the BB platform has to offer. We had small talk about his app interestix which is his personal side project, but of course, I had to ask about Skype for BB10, he gave me the careful and official sounding "we're always looking to expand to other platforms" almost automatically, but I made sure to let him know that the company he works for has one of the most requested apps that is currently lacking on PlayBook.

    I met a lot of "RIM people" and they were all very friendly and helpful. Overall I'm very happy with the experience. I'm sure they will soon make available the slide show presentations, and I did record most of the keynote audio. I'll have to edit that for succinctness and for what I think are some highlights.
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    06-08-12 12:04 AM
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    Thanks for the insight and I'm glad you enjoyed the presentation.
    06-08-12 12:28 AM
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    06-08-12 04:23 AM