1. Randy Jones's Avatar
    My Z10 syncs just fine with my Outlook calendar. After much effort, I finally found instructions on how to sync my wife's iPhone with the calendar (have to use iTunes). Now the problem is, my phone syncs with our calendar and the appointments show on both my Z10 and the laptop. Her iPhone does as well, but with a new calendar that does not show on my Z10, and my entries don't show on her iPhone. Is it not possible for multiple phones to share a calendar? If it is, what setting am I missing? (I really do not like iPhones!)
    Thanks for any help anyone can provide.
    09-11-13 12:09 PM
  2. pkcable's Avatar
    Are you using Outlook.com online calendar, or just syncing with the Outlook desktop software on the computer?
    09-13-13 10:08 AM
  3. Randy Jones's Avatar
    Hey Rick, thanks for the reply. This is really driving me crazy. I'll explain as best I can - given that I'm somewhat technology inept. My Z10 is linked to my hotmail.com and cox.net accounts. I use Outlook to manage both accounts on my laptop. When I add an appointment to my Z10 calendar, it appears on outlook.com (hotmail) calendar and then on my calendar on Outlook on my laptop. Likewise, if I make a calendar entry in my Outlook calendar, it shows up in my .com calendar and on my Z10, and of course if entered in the .com calendar it shows up both in Outlook and on my Z10. So, I think the key is my Z10 is synced with the server (hotmail.com) which then syncs with Outlook on my laptop(?).
    The problem with my wife's iPhone has been getting it to link to the calendar. Via iTunes, it appears I got her phone to sync with Outlook on my laptop (on a different calendar or tab for some reason - only 1 tab shows on .com), but I don't see her entries on the .com calendar. We've turned off all calendars on her iPhone, except for the hotmail.com calendar, so not sure why the appointments are showing on the laptop but not on .com. Or why the appointments are going on a different calendar tab on Outlook. Or why they aren't syncing with the .com calendar as they do when I enter appointments in Outlook. Or for that matter why the appointments in Outlook are getting to her iPhone. I would trash her iPhone, and get her a Z10 but she likes it.
    09-13-13 11:05 AM
  4. KitJackson67's Avatar
    I have a question. Were you able to sync with the off-line version of Outlook that is stored on your computer? Do you use a Mac or PC? I am trying to find a way to sync my Q10 with a calendar program. I do not use Outlook for e-mail, and would prefer not to. I use a MacBook. Thanks to anyone who can help.
    09-14-13 04:52 PM
  5. Randy Jones's Avatar
    I'm using a PC. But I think it's easy to sync the BB with any calendar. I think I'm actually sync'd with the on line calendar, which then syncs with my PC.
    09-14-13 07:27 PM

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