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    And just to add further proof of why it's important that gaming be on BB10; and that the so-called casual gaming market is in demand, i.e., there are people that actual want to use their phones for more than just text and email (shocking eh!) this just came out from the Wall Street Journal regarding the game "The Walking Dead" on iOS. For those not interested in reading the whole article, here is the relevant part quoted:

    "Since launching the first episode in April, players have purchased more than 8.5 million episodes, said Telltale CEO Dan Connors. At about $5 per episode, that’s roughly more than $40 million in sales, not including any promotions. Each episode ends on cliffhangers, enticing the player to buy the next one, Connors said.

    About a quarter of those sales are happening on the iPhone and iPad, Connors said. That’s the fastest growth for “The Walking Dead” among platforms, underscoring how important mobile devices are becoming in the eyes of game publishers."

    Behind the Hit iPhone Game "The Walking Dead" - Digits - WSJ

    PS - The article is interesting as the developer talks about the convergence of gaming onto a mobile platform.
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