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    hey guys remember this old concept that made the rounds when it was created by a fan?


    BB10 fan concept copied by Samsung-134802_yav2xjgopq1wv1itzmrabdn9x.jpg

    loks like samsung have copied the design pretty closely in some areas for (RUMOURED) their new note series but more likely theyre just exploring and this mightnt make it to market.. still though, too close in design to be called a co incidence? lol patents have been filed, a prototype has been shown off and more design prints were leaked by BGR

    Samsung patent reveals how its curved, 3-sided smartphone could work | News | TechRadar

    BB10 fan concept copied by Samsung-flexible-11-630x396.jpg BB10 fan concept copied by Samsung-samsung-three-sided-display.jpg BB10 fan concept copied by Samsung-samsung-5-inch-curved-youm-prototype.jpg BB10 fan concept copied by Samsung-samsungs-next-galaxy-phone-have-wrap-aro-l-gqgsmm.jpeg
    04-24-14 12:35 PM
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    Not surprising. Copying's something Samsung's really good at. Probably the best.
    04-24-14 12:39 PM
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    Not really...Samsung has been working on curved phone for a long time...love the BlackBerry fan concept.

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    04-24-14 12:44 PM
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    But they've been working on this thing for about 4 years already
    Wasn't the Youm's screen first shown off in 2011?

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    04-24-14 01:24 PM
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    yeah Samsung has been working on this for awhile: buying out other startups like Liquavista in 2011 its just their foldable curved screen tech has made an actual product become possible. Nothing is wholly original and its possible some concepts were pulled from fan art.
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    04-24-14 02:13 PM
  6. SunshineStateFlyer's Avatar
    Well both, the fan art and the real concept are amazing. That way the curved displays could be of some great use.

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    04-24-14 03:01 PM
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    Here is one Apple vision of a wraparound display phone US patent # US20130076612 filed 09/26/11

    04-24-14 03:02 PM
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    Samsung is the copy king even beat apple to gain the title. People get surprised at me tho when given choice of Samsung device vs ios, and me choosing ios when i bash them a lot but I can't deal with bloatwere touch wiz lol.

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    04-24-14 04:41 PM
  9. ikalinin's Avatar
    yea, not a fan.. i dont think it'd be comfortable to use.. the BB concept however, is interesting... i assume it opens up to a wide screen, right?

    04-24-14 04:47 PM