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    Found this article on N4BB.

    The BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha device has been a solid strategic move for RIM. By releasing the Dev Alpha, RIM hopes to position developers in a way that allows for the BlackBerry 10 platform to have a plentiful amount of apps and games once released. The current Dev Alpha is running on a modified PlayBook OS, although it is labeled ‘OS 10′.

    With any OS, fans will search through its files to see what lies beneath. Our friend J. Duke from OSBB let us know he has stumbled upon a treasure trove of goodies found within the Dev Alpha’s viewable file system. Here are some upcoming BlackBerry 10 devices found in the code:

    # R044 – Nevada 0x8400270A,1
    # R051 – Winchester2 LTE 0x0c001a06,1
    # R052 – Winchester2 HSPA+ 0x0d001a06,1
    # R053 – Winchester2 LTE HSPA+ 0x0e001a06,1
    # R061 – Colt 004002307,1
    # R072 – London 004002607,1
    # R073 – Blackforest 004002706,1
    # R084 – Nashville 0x8500270A,1
    # R085 – Naples 0x8600270A,1
    This information can be viewed by typing file:///radio/etc/sv.numbers in the browser on a Dev Alpha. There are a few familiar names in the list. For instance, ‘Colt’ is the codename for the Dev Alpha. ‘London’ is a second revision of the Colt. ‘Blackforest’ is said to be the mythical 10″ PlayBook. The Winchester2 is likely to be the 3G and 4G PlayBook, but don’t quote us on it. What we’re really intrigued by are the devices called ‘Naples’ and ‘Nashville’. Perhaps, they will be in the same family as the ‘Nevada’.

    Nonetheless, it is interesting to see this list floating in the Dev Alpha’s operating system. We now know the names and internal model numbers of devices which will run on the BlackBerry 10 OS. What kind of devices are you hoping these will be? Keep it locked to N4BB as we’re digging for more info on them all!

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    That's been posted a few times now
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