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    Just read the following:

    We now have news that the BlackBerry 10 OS is to be deferred until 2013 and wonder if this could be the final nail in the coffin for the once dominant platform.

    This does not look too good especially with the impending release of a batch of new phones from other major Smartphone manufacturers.

    Even though my 9900 is my first ever Blackberry, I have been aware of them for years and always liked the keyboard - the 9900 offers me the best of both, a superb tactile Qwerty input and a nice touch screen all with great clarity so for me the switch from iPhone to Blackberry has been a good one.

    I would hate to think that this long standing company that in the UK still is the corporate favourite due to it's security (we trialled iPhone but rejected them due to lower security levels than Blackberry so have stayed faithful).

    I just hope that someone sees the validity of keeping this platform going and keeps them alive.
    06-30-12 05:01 AM
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    Did you not notice the literally hundreds of other threads on this already?
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    06-30-12 05:29 AM