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    Just browsing tonight on a cross platform forum I haven't frequented since February and it struck me...

    In February there was a definite anti-BB stance amongst posters. One or two were sticking up for the Z10 after launch but they were battling overwhelming odds in terms of derisory and dismissive comments. The usual, 'Blackberry, Grandad?' 'Old news' and frankly 'Blackberry, are you having a laugh? They'll be bust in weeks'

    I have, tonight, revisited the same forum and things aren't as cut and dried. This is a reply to someone who has suggested that what they see of iOS7 they don't like:

    Originally Posted by kidspud View Post
    Didn't you already have a tread about this?

    How have you got access to the released version of 7?

    As you seem to imply in your other thread that it is now as bad as android & windows, I assume you are going to buy a blackberry? Let us know how you get on.
    I'm not saying BB has better features than Android but neither has Apple. I jumped ship to Apple for the IOS software but now it's by far the worst in my opinion. I got the Iphone at a time when it was popular with business type of people and it was professional. Blackberry seem to have that market filled now.

    I can't see the Iphone 5S with it's rainbow of colours being popular with business people and office workers.

    Can't believe my eyes! And there are more posts like it. Not saying that BB is number 1 by any means but there has been a definite culture shift on this forum at least in that BB is no longer a joke and it is worth consideration at worst...

    If the dissatisfaction in Apple and Android that I am reading here carries on and BB10 continues to deliver (and get the apps) then TH may just have been right to play the long game...
    07-12-13 06:24 PM
  2. fearmantis's Avatar
    I love my BB Z10 its awesome and beautiful.

    BB Z10 rocks.
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    07-12-13 06:45 PM
  3. Chicago777Guy's Avatar
    Very Interesting.

    Posted via CB10
    07-12-13 10:44 PM

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