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    I would like to start a BlackBerry 10 battery life challenge. I have seen many threads of people discussing battery life performance and posting screenshots of their Device Monitor. The majority of these screenshots do not show a full discharge cycle which is not representative, they show performance after a few % discharged; also people seem to focus a lot on the battery time remaining number.

    The battery time remaining information needs to be better understood. I have seen many people using this value to praise or criticize battery life performance. There is no such thing as heavy user or light user, there are moments of heavy use and light use of your device throughout the discharge life cycle. Please understand that your BlackBerry 10 device cannot predict the future device use. Therefore Device Monitor uses your past activities in the past 30-60 min to calculate the average drain rate of your device in order to estimate the remaining time left should you continue using your device in the same way. If your device was in standby or in light use, Device Monitor will estimate a pretty good battery time remaining number, but if you device was in heavy use, such as playing a game, Device Monitor will estimate a low battery time remaining number.

    Having said that, true battery life performance is measured in how long your battery last since the last charge. I have also seen many users complaining about battery life, but they never let their device fully discharge. People, sometimes for valid reasons, charge their device when battery levels reach 20%-40%. You will be amazed by how long your device can still last with 20% remaining.
    When it comes to battery life performance, there are three major components that consume power on your device: Screen, CPU and Radio (mainly cellular radio). If you want to be in charge of your battery your need to properly manage these resources and understand their impact on battery life. Sometimes bad designed applications do not properly manage these resources resulting in poor battery life. For tips on how to extend your battery on BlackBerry 10 device I recommend Ten ways to extend your BlackBerry 10 battery life | Inside BlackBerry Help Blog

    Battery Life Challenge:

    What I and, I bet many other BlackBerry users, are interested is in the real battery life performance of our devices. So my challenge to you, should you accept, is to:
    Step 1: Charge your device to 100%
    Step 2: Let your device discharge to at 5%. Use your device as you normally would between steps 1 and 2.
    Step 3: When you reach 5%, collect the following information and post on this thread:
    • Device Model
    • Build Number
    • Display Brightness Level
    • Screen shots
    • Battery Usage List Since last charge
    • Battery Usage Details of the top 3 apps
    • CPU Usage List Last 48 hours

  2. I understand this challenge is not for everyone, therefore I am counting on those who are truly engaged in understanding battery life performance, how to improve it and help others be in charge of their battery life. As more users join the challenge and post their details, I and others will be sharing tips on how they can extend battery life. You have nothing to lose, so please join the challenge: