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    12-12-12 09:52 PM
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    --Earlier today I discussed why BlackBerry and more importantly, Research In Motion, would not die. RIM has many more revenue streams other than BlackBerry hardware and subscriber sales.

    One of those revenue streams is still through QNX and how it is used in automotive infotainment systems. QNX is currently used for the infotainment system in Audis.

    Yesterday, Texas Instruments announced that the QNX-based MIB High system, the next-generation infotainment platform for Audi vehicles, is the first automotive system to incorporate the TI Jacinto 5 automotive infotainment processor.

    The Jacinto 5 is an automotive-qualified multicore processor based on an ARM Cortex-A8 core. The processor integrates a variety of automotive peripherals and connectivity options.

    You can read more on why having QNX for the MIB High is awesome on the QNX Auto Blog here.--

    QNX-based ‘MIB High’ First to Use TI’s Jacinto 5 Processor in Audi Infotainment System - N4BB
    12-12-12 10:58 PM
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    for your compilation RIM Has Now Doubled Off its Lows - TheStreet
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    12-13-12 05:35 AM
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    --For those who don't realize it, the only real PaaS mobile platform out there at the moment is RIMM's Blackberry Enterprise Services 10 (BES 10). One look at RIMM's enterprise platform features will convince you that companies wishing to deploy mobile applications and services across their entire workforce really have no other choice than BB10. While Apple's iPhone is a great phone, Apple and the Android space have nothing to match the enterprise capabilities of RIMM's new BB10 platform.--

    Research In Motion Poised To Conquer The Enterprise Space Once Again - Seeking Alpha
    12-13-12 01:03 PM
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    Very positive and interesting discussion about BB10 here. Starts at 8:20:

    12-13-12 06:25 PM
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    Very positive and interesting discussion about BB10 here. Starts at 8:20:

    "You'll be up to dated with the individual you're going to meet with"
    Any salesman around to explain how much this is cool ?
    12-14-12 10:41 AM
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    Wasn't looking at the date.
    12-14-12 07:11 PM
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    Any salesman around to explain how much this is cool ?
    It is very cool and important.
    When you can follow up with important details theft mention in passing., it makes a huge difference in the relationship.
    Right now, I use a notepad, there is no good apps for it on Android.
    12-14-12 09:27 PM
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    --RIM has put everything into developing the BlackBerry 10 as well as the platform on which the device is based upon. The features, which are being revealed, are all pointing out that RIM has a winner in its hands. All eyes are now turned to the BlackBerry 10 launch on 30 January.--

    BlackBerry 10 touchscreen Features do better than its traditional QWERTY keypads

    -- (Reuters) - The surprising rally in Research In Motion stock from its September depths shows no signs of waning ahead of next month's crucial launch of the company's BlackBerry 10 smartphones, and the stock could ring up more gains if RIM delivers on a handful of telling metrics in its quarterly report on Thursday.--

    RIM results could fuel more BlackBerry 10 buzz | Reuters
    12-16-12 02:50 PM
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    The guy on the right in the video has me extremely excited.
    12-16-12 10:48 PM
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    12-17-12 03:11 AM
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    Thai Keyboard on BlackBerry 10. And a look at switching keyboards using the .com button:

    12-18-12 12:06 AM
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    12-18-12 12:20 AM
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    --You see, it takes everything we loved about BlackBerry, the notifications, the BBM, the instant communication, and literally turns the “volume” up on that to an 11. This isn’t your old BlackBerry any longer. This is an entirely new BlackBerry, one that is actually very exciting and new and one that I can say with all honesty, I wouldn’t mind using on a daily basis as my main mobile device. That’s how impressed I was with it.

    I actually can’t say too much about it because the OS is still in beta and the device I used was the Dev Alpha B which obviously isn’t final hardware, but even with that, the OS was fast, very slick looking, and very easy to use. It seems to borrow heavily from all the best qualities of iOS, Android, and even WP8 and somehow mashes it all up into 1 coherent operating system that is still very BlackBerry at its heart. I’ll just touch on a few things that I thought really stood out from the demo and what really blew me away.--

    BlackBerry 10 – What I’ve Seen So Far is Fantastic | G Style Magazine
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    12-19-12 03:59 PM
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    More about the browser. Bookmark tagging:
    12-20-12 02:46 PM
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    New Delhi: Ranbir Kapoor will be the Brand Ambassador for the brand ‘BlackBerry’ in India. The Canadian company Research In Motion, today announced that Bollywood star Ranbir Kapoor as part of this engagement will endorse BlackBerry products across various platforms and will also feature in upcoming multimedia ad campaigns in India.

    Known for his unconventional roles as a young and vibrant actor in movies like Wake Up Sid, Racket Singh, and recently Barfi, Ranbir Kapoor is also widely known as a tech savvy star. Speaking on the occasion Ranbir Kapoor said, “I am ecstatic to be part of the BlackBerry boys’ family. As an actor I recognize the power of communication so naturally, and the need to stay connected with friends within and outside of our industry and loved ones.

    Sunil Dutt, Managing Director, Research in Motion, India said, “Ranbir truly personifies all the attributes that we endeavor to offer to our customers –enthusiasm, exuberance, persistence, excellence, fun, youthfulness, innovation and connecting with people and we recognize this great synergy between us.”

    BlackBerry is known for its unique and powerful communication experience; an experience that I have relied on over years to stay informed and connected to things that matter so closely to me while on the move. BlackBerry is a brand that has a legacy of bringing innovative products keeping in mind the Indian market and I am keenly looking forward to this association.”--

    Ranbir Kapoor signed as the Brand Ambassador of BlackBerry - daily.bhaskar.com
    12-22-12 04:28 PM
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    --January 30th is only 39 days away and the anticipation of what will be announced by RIM gets more and more intense. Little by little, we're finding out more specs about the two devices that are expected to be introduced.

    From pictures, to the possible brand name, the BlackBerry Z10, this device is shaping up to be a super phone. The latest rumored specification comes from @uit_edu's twitter account. He claims the above picture shows an L-Series/Z10's internal hardware specs vs the Dev Alpha B's internal goodies. The big difference is that the Z10 is shown as having 2 (two) Gigabytes of RAM vs the Dev Alpha B's 1GB.

    Back in October, we heard about the Aristo, which is rumored to be packing 2GB of RAM as well. If this holds true, it seems that RIM decided to beef up the first wave of BlackBerry 10 devices instead of waiting for the second and third lines. I definitely approve.--

    BlackBerryOS.com - Will The BlackBerry L-Series/Z10 Have 2GB Of RAM?
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    12-22-12 07:16 PM
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    --Please note that while service revenue for Q3 was $974 million or 35.7% of total sales, last year during the same period, service sales were actually lower at $965 million or 18.7% of revenue. So while unit handset sales have fallen dramatically, service revenue is the same.

    This does not point to lower service revenue looking forward like many claim. For if service revenue was on the decline, it would decline along the line of handset sales and actual service revenue would be a whole lot less than what it is today.

    What this means is that not all users of BB7 devices paid for services to begin with. It also means that those who actually pay for services have remained loyal to RIMM and have not moved to other platforms. As far as I am concerned, this is a big thumbs up towards RIMM from the enterprise crowd.

    Given this evidence, not only do I not think service revenue will fall, but I actually think it will rise with the launch of BB10, because many people and companies have been waiting to see the new platform before they commit to it.--

    Research In Motion's Q3 Conclusion: Aggressive Buy - Seeking Alpha
    12-24-12 12:02 PM
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    Just noticed this is already posted in another forum. My apologies.
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    12-25-12 03:01 PM
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    A couple BB10 apps posted on YouTube:

    01-03-13 08:54 PM
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    Well I am impressed enough in what I am seeing from RIM to consider a move back (asking my company to further support BB's, etc.) I have used every mobile OS, from Windows Mobile, Windows Phone 7, Android (many variations) iOS, Palm OS and BB OS. Bottom line is RIM has some serious ideas behind what they are offering to consumers and IF they do hit the mark on January 30th followed by immediate product launches then they have a solid shot and bringing back the game.

    As for job cuts, product delays, and no major releases, well you have to cut costs if you are going to survive a major transition from the old BB OS to the new BB OS. RIM has a shot, they just need to execute it, but don't count on the US carriers offering any real support, sales reps will not help them in the stores and it will really be left to the BB faithful to spread the value of the new BB 10 OS.
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    01-03-13 09:52 PM
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    A couple photo apps displayed on YouTube:

    The app is shown at about 4:10. The impressive part is that it took five lines of code to build:

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    01-07-13 01:36 PM
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    And another...:

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    01-07-13 01:38 PM
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    --I’ve been pals with @ShashwatPradhan and a fan of his apps for awhile now. Shashwat Pradhan is a tech enthusiast, app developer and avid gamer. Shashwat is also a white hat hacker and a DJ in his free time–while being the co-founder of Decoding ( Decoding ) the same ones we told you about that were developing ‘Retro-Style’ HTML5 games for the BB10 platform. After the break is an interview he took with NerdBerry discussing his development of now 13 games for the BlackBerry 10 ecosystem and his thoughts about the the future ahead for RIM and BB10, from a devs perspective.--

    Interview with Co-Founder of Decoding, team building over a dozen HTML5 Games for BB10 | NerdBerry.net
    01-08-13 09:23 PM
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    Australian article focusing on Z10's best in class keyboard:

    BlackBerry 10 refuses to be typecast
    01-09-13 12:57 PM
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