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    A couple of nice write-ups from SlashGear and Sydney Morning Herald:

    BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha B phone teases full system - SlashGear

    BlackBerry 10 Review
    10-03-12 05:05 PM
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    Bump for awesomeness.
    10-04-12 11:08 AM
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    10-05-12 02:37 AM
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    10-09-12 04:27 PM
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    "The decline of BlackBerry has been well documented over the past two years, from its disintegrating market share and its public change of management to its wide lay-offs and the fact that it has now been 18 months between major product releases. Despite these setbacks, Research In Motion (RIM) has stuck to its guns, and forged ahead in designing a new operating system, something that its CEO Thorsten Heins hopes is recognised as being different."

    BlackBerry 10 daring to be different - Mobile Phones: Mobile Phones & Smartphones
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    10-15-12 10:02 PM
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    "RIM's involvement in Qt is particularly interesting. RIM wants BlackBerry 10 to become a "tier one" Qt platform along with Windows, OS X, Linux, Solaris and embedded platforms like QNX Neutrino. That would mean a new version of Qt wouldn't come out until it was compatible with BlackBerry 10; getting that kind of support means making significant commitments to the Qt project and RIM seems committed to doing that for Qt 5, with little coding left to do (most of the remaining work is around maintenance and project management for on-going continuous integration)."

    "BlackBerry 10 devices are still some months off and you could argue that RIM is supporting developers and being a good open source citizen because it needs all the help it can get to compete with iOS, Android and even Windows Phone 8. But whatever the reason, the company that once saw transparency as an alien concept (and made developers get notarised before they could download any tools) is reaping the benefits of making its developer platform more open."

    RIM: reaping the benefits of open source - The H Open: News and Features
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    10-16-12 01:16 PM
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    -- Personally, I have had friends whom have the Alpha B devices, and they are all awe-struck of how great the next BlackBerry 10 operating system is coming to fruition. One of my friends can be quoted saying “This BlackBerry 10 operating system is surprisingly more intuitive than Apple’s iOS.” This might come as a surprise to many people, as many have been blinded by main-stream media; how RIM will never recover, because their phones are too out-dated, slow, and difficult to use. However I believe that the new BlackBerry 10 operating system will introduce a new kind of mobile experience into the playing field, so naysayers beware, RIM is coming back. I am amazed at seeing how BlackBerry 10 is coming together, and will be looking forward to its’ release in Q1 2013. --

    Read more: http://thegadgetsite.com/2012/10/bla...#ixzz29xMUTD6V
    10-21-12 01:42 PM
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    Those are some really sexy screen shots
    10-21-12 08:24 PM
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    I'd like to give a shout out for "the H." I just started reading it when Fab from the Linux Outlaws took a job there. The H doesn't read like a rehashed press release. I get the feeling the H does their research.

    Nokia was a big funder of Qt back in the day, prior to being captured by Microsoft.

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    10-21-12 09:05 PM
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    A couple of nice write-ups from SlashGear and Sydney Morning Herald:

    BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha B phone teases full system - SlashGear

    BlackBerry 10 Review
    be nice if Forbes would take alook at these, maybe they would give BB a break
    10-21-12 09:51 PM
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    AG: BlackBerry’s effectiveness in data compression has been a key to network acceptance of unlimited data deals. Will that technology evolve further?

    TH: We will set our own trends in term of supporting our customer base. We have to move forward with new features and new technologies. But we will always make sure that what we create is, in a technical way, what is most beneficial to customers. We have our capabilities, and we are looking at how to apply this to future developments. That is coming, no doubt.

    Thorsten Heins interview Pt 1: BlackBerry in Africa | Marklives!com
    10-23-12 02:15 AM
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    --That RIM still has fans among developers as well as administrators was evident from a statement by Chris Pearson - administrator at Santander - who said that no other RIM rival has matched the company when it comes to offering a horde of management policies to administrators.

    With Pearson noting that no other company has even "come close to the granularity RIM offers," it is apparent that RIM has the best management support in the smartphone industry. However, the company can remain relevant only if it brings about a notable improvement in the usability of its products.--

    Struggling BlackBerry-maker RIM still has fans among developers and administrators | TopNews United States
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    10-24-12 03:05 PM
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    A couple more positive write-ups. No new information in either article but nice to see nonetheless.

    --Are you still clinging on to the hope that RIM are going to make their glorious return into the smartphone market, and release a phone with BlackBerry 10 on board that will reverse the company’s recent fortunes? If the answer is yes, then it looks like you are going to be very impressed with what BlackBerry has to offer, based on early previews. RIM may be taking forever to publicly release their highly anticipated new software, but on all accounts it finally looks like RIM has an OS in the making that can actually rival Android and iOS.--

    BlackBerry 10 to resurrect RIM after 2013 release - ProductReviews

    --However, RIM executives were just as keen to remind those in attendance that there would be far more goodies served up when the BlackBerry 10 release date finally rolls around next March, stating that the company was “holding a lot of stuff back” for launch.--

    More BlackBerry 10 Specs and Features Revealed Ahead of March Release Date | Press Blue
    10-29-12 11:01 AM
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    So now it is a March release. I guess they need every last second of that Q1.
    10-29-12 11:59 AM
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    Has anyone stated as fact a March release?
    10-29-12 12:24 PM
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    Has anyone stated as fact a March release?
    Other than blogs? I doubt it and the way RIM communicates I don't think anyone knows and not even RIM other than Q1.
    10-29-12 12:43 PM
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    Great article bb 10 for life
    10-29-12 12:52 PM
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    Not a BB10 article, but a fun read nonetheless:

    --A tech-savvy mother-of-three has shunned the classic pen and paper method of book-writing and written her debut novel using only her Blackberry mobile phone.--

    Tender fingertips? A mother-of-three wins a publishing deal after writing her first novel on a BLACKBERRY | Mail Online
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    11-01-12 09:32 PM
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    --Research In Motion Ltd.’s plan to reinvent the BlackBerry is marching ahead and, suddenly, so is its stock price.--

    RIM shares rise as new phones enter testing - The Globe and Mail
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    11-01-12 11:06 PM
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    11-02-12 11:52 AM
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    --"Too many bad business decisions get made because companies are trying to make a decision so the shareholders get their money and they're not acting in the best interests of their business, so I do not write BlackBerry off at all because I know that [RIM board member] Roger Martin thinks long term, and while it might look like BlackBerry is struggling now, I say let's see in 10 years' time where they actually are," said McKinnell.--

    BlackBerry apps lab opens in Cape Town | News24
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    11-05-12 01:26 AM
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    --Even weirder, Blackberry 10′s web browser is the fastest mobile web browser overall. The Blackberry browser didn’t win by a small margin either, it totally smoked the competition by over two full points. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t expect this as the Blackberry web browser was barely usable before Blackberry 6 was released last year.--

    Inforgraph: Chrome 19 Fastest Mac Browser, Internet Explorer 10 for PC
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    11-07-12 12:35 AM
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    These articles show that BB10 is a beast of a phone and a must have
    11-07-12 12:12 PM
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    11-07-12 07:10 PM
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    Nice to see some positive articles. What a change from six months ago.

    My husband's boss is a district manager for Best Buy Mobile and is currently at a conference where they have been introduced to BB10. He texted my hubby telling him how it is going to be a game changer and he can't wait till it's out. He's planning on switching back to bb from his iphone.

    Can't wait for BB10!
    11-07-12 09:55 PM
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