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    Simon reported today that BB10 has 131,700 apps. Let's start by subtracting out those by S4BB, which total 47,000. Net app count is 84,700. Some of these will be zombies (as defined below), but someone will need to figure that out. It's not a hugely bad count, given context.

    For comparative context, iOS had 900,000 apps in June 2013, 617,436 were zombie apps, apps never updated or have less than 10 reviews. Android had over 1 million in July 2013, but 484,271 zombies. 700K of the 1.2M apps available for iPhone, Android, and Windows are zombies | VentureBeat

    Back in June 2012, Apple had 600,000 apps, with 400,000 never downloaded once. Net app count, then, is 200,000. 400,000 apps in the App Store have never been downloaded says report

    BlackBerry had the correct strategy in going after only the top downloaded apps in iOS and Android stores. Those are the coveted apps. The rest are just noise. The question is, are these top developers too expensive, in the sense that they've grown too big to affordability add another platform to their development list? And BlackBerry would need a huge cash incentive for them to support BB10? What ruined this seemingly sound strategy for them?
    09-26-13 06:20 AM
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    These stories were all written and shared in the forums back in August. We are now approaching October. While interesting, it's not no fees a whole new thread for the same subjects.
    09-26-13 06:27 AM

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