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    I have a Blackberry Perl connected to a corporate exhcnage BES email server. Everthing syncronizes properly from the BES server to the exchange server for a long time untill I reloaded my laptop and outlook.

    After reloading my laptop, I noticed that when I delete or read an email in outlook, the email shows on my BB but the status of the email either does not delete or change to marked as Read. In further testing outside of outlook using the company webmail access to the exchange server, I noticed that any email I read or deleted on the webmail updated the status on the BB right away without a problem so I know there is no issue between the BES and the BB. The next thing I did was to create a brand new profile in outlook and I noticed that when I did that, viola, it worked and the BB now syncronized everything I did in my outlook to the BB.

    Now, what broke that was when I simple add my Personal Folder into outlook, the second I did that, the BES server stopped syncronizing the read and deleted emails on my BB. I remove the personal folders from outlook and bang it works again.

    In outlook, I set the email to deliver to the mailbox and not to the personal folders. I never move the email from the exchange mailbox and no matter what I do, simply having a person folder stops the BB from syncing the changes to emails but never stops them from delivering to the BB. Running out of ideas and my BES administrator has no clue and I need personal folders which worked just fine before I reloaded.
    05-21-09 01:18 PM