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    Found this interesting blog entry about what cell phones celebs and ppl that work in the entertainment industry use. The the part about iphone users dating their phones is funny. And I don't think I'll look at the click ball ever the same. And it mentions crackberry.com. I'm new here so it won't post link. Just go to Hollywood: As I Live & Work at Hollywoodliveandwork.com under September. Looks like Halle Berry likes her BB too!
    10-11-08 01:00 AM
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    10-11-08 02:31 AM
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    Interesting article. On TV I typically see celebs walking around with their BlackBerry, but it's usually the ones with an iPhone who are vocal about it on tv, like.. "look at this funny picture, or weird video.."

    Either way, they probably just use the latest device they get in their free gift bags
    10-11-08 08:23 AM
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    Whenever you see aproduct in a program on TV or in a movie 9unless it's an ad), its presence has been paid for by the manufacturer.

    Apple pays loads of money to put their computers on peoples desks in TV shows and movies. That is the ONLY reason that they are there.

    The same appied to tins of baked beans an washing up liquid. Money changes hands on all these deals.

    It will therefore come as no surprise when you begin to see the iPhone used by celebs who we here in Crackberry know have BlackBerrys in real life.

    The movies ain't the world. It's just make believe.
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    10-11-08 08:33 AM
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    99% of the entertainment ind. uses blackberries for personal , and most dont like iphones for personal
    10-11-08 02:02 PM
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    Its funny this is mentioned because I see more Blackberries then I do iPhones on TV. But thebln again it seems everyone has one of each.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but it seems like its pretty even when it comes down to this battle.

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    10-11-08 02:10 PM
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    Only place i've seen the iPhone in a tv show is on CSI Miami....and even then, it's not the true iPhone OS. Every other show I swear it's BBs or Treos ::shudders::.
    10-11-08 02:14 PM
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    A lot of young celebrities BBMessage each other from what I've heard. I was even watching "The Hills" the other day and they were talking about BBMing each other. I thought that was funny as I'd never actually heard anyone on TV mention the Blackberry messenger before. I've never seen the iphone in a movie or on a TV show. I do remember when the 2G iphone first came out a lot of celebrities had them (obviously free) but that seemed to die out and I havent seen any running around with them...from what I can see on TMZ anyway...it seems they're always carrying a BBerry.
    10-12-08 09:06 AM