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    I have a friend that purchase the G1 about a week or so ago! I saw the phone nothing I would buy cause it looks like a toy or sidekick! She had a BB curve before and guess what? She took her G1 back and is back on her Crackberry! LOL! She is an addicted!
    The phone had some features that were nice like touchscreen but you can get the Storm for that! Then you can scan the UPC of merchandise and it will bring up where you can find the product. If you shop a lot maybe that's for you! I will stick to BB!

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    11-06-08 11:31 PM
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    There are quite a few posts comparing the G1 to the BlackBerry. The G1 is a first generation OS. Can't compare to the current BlackBerry or Windows Mobile feature for feature and expect Google to have everything figure out yet. The hardware of the G1 is targeted at users looking for a different form factor. Different user want different things and that is what make the added competition good for all.

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    11-07-08 05:47 AM
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    I wouldn't have a BB if I didn't think it was the best - the best for me, that is. They all (even BBs) must have their strengths and weaknesses. I've friends with Palms and iPhones and their devices have their plusses. My take on it, anyway.
    11-07-08 09:50 AM