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    I just read a post that the BB phone compresses data and therefore will not use as much data as the other formats.

    Has anyone ever done a test with the two formats and checked out the data usage? Say videos, talk radio etc both phones and then compared to see if they both used the roughly same amount of data or one used more then the other?

    My motive is the wife will soon upgrade and we are looking the the Sky Rocket..... can't see grand kids pic very well on her clam shell nor my 9800 Torch. But before deciding on a data plan it would be nice to know what we are dealing with.

    Anyway hope some gear head probably already thought of this and actually did a test! Ha.....

    Thanks look forward to some results...I don't have the means to do such a test but I know there are some techies that may...

    11-15-11 08:40 PM
  2. Laura Knotek's Avatar
    Streaming audio/video is not compressed on BlackBerry. I've used over 200 MB in a single day, simply by listening to streaming radio for several hours.
    11-15-11 08:46 PM
  3. belfastdispatcher's Avatar
    Streaming audio/video is not compressed on BlackBerry. I've used over 200 MB in a single day, simply by listening to streaming radio for several hours.
    It still does to a certain extent, I downloaded a podcast once, I can't remember the numbers exactly but my BB used 25% less data then what the podcast file size was.

    As long as you do it trough BIS there's still compression, only when the phone used direct tcp connection there's no compression.

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    11-16-11 03:32 AM
  4. qbnkelt's Avatar
    I'm assuming you're not on a grandfathered plan....if you were, this question would be moot.

    You can get by on the 2g plan on an Android device....I do on my Atrix. *If* what you're doing is downloading pics. If you're going to be streaming video or music, then you will go over.

    My suggestion is to give the device you're thinking of a try - you have 30 days on AT&T unless that has recently changed. Keep a good eye on your plan and how much data you've used.

    My impression is that for the use you state - downloading pics - you will be OK. However, radio, videos, etc....you will go over or will have to keep a very close eye.

    May I suggest that you also look at the 9900 if data compression is a concern. The display is small in comparison to an Android, of course, but it is clear.

    You are able to keep the Android for the uses you stated, but be very careful. You can get an additional 1 gig for $10 if you go over.
    11-16-11 04:34 AM
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    also with blackberry you could also get a playbook,

    the playbook could fit in her purse, then when needed a quick bridge and you have a large screen, but not some brick in your hands when talking

    video and audio are barely compressed, but through my travel experience BlabkBerry has a 4:1 compression or so over the competition

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    11-16-11 05:16 AM
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    Thanks everyone...wife is not a power user...mostly for emergencies staying in touch when visiting family and I'm working.....I have the grandfathered unlimited plan and I'm thinking of getting the 2gig plan for her. She won't use it for music or video mostly texting grand kids and getting larger resolution on the pics. It's better then my 9800 for sure.....My BB is personal not the company BIS plan and even though I listen to talk radio iHeart for about 2-3 hours a day ( I work 4-10's) it's only averaging 822 megs so I'm pretty impressed with that.... I may take her phone to work and use it the same way and see how it pans out.

    Yah'll have a great week....!

    11-16-11 04:09 PM