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    Hey Everyone,
    I got my Bold 9930, left ATT in protest, and I love it. However, the purpose of the post is that if you are looking for a new BB, I just saw a post on the Blackberry website that you can trade in your OLD BB and get 100 bucks in a card as a trade in.
    This may actually lower the cost of just getting it and will free people to upgrade to QNX if they want to (I really don't see why I should upgrade since the Bold 9930 is the best phone out there in my view but hey, maybe it will be that awesome).
    So, if you don't like the price at T-mobile or any other carrier, this may be cheaper because the fee for service without purchasing a device is lower. So, money in your pockets BB fans.
    I like that RIMM is doing this, even though their new devices are basically selling out everywhere. I think of it as a reward for being loyal despite very tough competition.
    Hope this helps someone. For more info go to:
    Thanks RIMM.
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    09-04-11 12:19 AM
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    Just reviving a thread instead of starting a new one. After obtaining my 9810 a few weeks ago, I submitted my 9700 to the Trade-Up program. No problems-just got the approval that there were no issues with screen damage, boot up, or water damage to the device. $100 bucks back to me- which means I MADE $50 with my 9810. No worries with kooks on craigslist or Ebay, AND it was postage free to send it in. Once all the data was switched over and a device wipe, mailed it off and with the week received the notice.
    09-26-11 03:35 PM
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    Just reviving a thread instead of starting a new one (de ja vu) ha ha. I just checked my trade-up status on my old 9700 and was approved yesterday. How long did it take to receive your gift card?
    11-17-11 07:35 PM
  4. grahamf's Avatar
    took a while for me. but it does come.
    11-17-11 07:49 PM
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    Another alternative is cashforberrys.com. They give pretty decent cash for old Berry's.
    11-17-11 08:23 PM
  6. rgorman's Avatar
    Didn't get a gift card- I received an actual check.

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    11-17-11 09:36 PM