1. rkanwar's Avatar
    Hi guys

    I have a bb 9860 and basically my camera doesnt work. It says camera cannot be opened. Close any applications then try again. Ive nuked the os then reflashed it. My question is I might need to replace the camera module so is it the same as the torch 9800 module?

    Any other help that can be given please advise me. I work in a mobile phone shop and so I know how to repair phones

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    05-17-12 08:03 AM
  2. anthogag's Avatar
    On my previous phone, the 9800, I had this message. I had to reboot the phone to use the camera again

    The problem was a flashlight app I installed. I removed the app

    Are you re-installing all apps after OS install
    05-17-12 08:37 AM
  3. rkanwar's Avatar
    Nope. I have no apps on my phone. Ive tried on fresh install before restoring my data. But still the same issue. Ive obvioualy tried rebooting as first port of call.

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    05-17-12 09:49 AM